Reads as "I Know". Means "Success and Value" for Brands, Companies, Professionals and Institutions since 2010.

Our Company

Ainó was founded by David Berti to empower amazing people, clients, students, businesses and institutions. Thanks to our unique, highly flexible and synergic approach we give you solid results and tangible profits! Your motivation enables us to create amazing products, services and user experiences.

Our effort is not limited to the web: we're often involved in local communities and events; our best projects' results, workshops, seminars and classes gave life to our local UX Book Club, based in Perugia. Our events are for IT, communications and marketing consultants and professionals, business managers, owners and developers, students, startuppers, entrepreneurs, information architects, user experience and interaction designers.

Our Culture

Our internal culture in based on high quality standards, respect, honesty and courtesy and first-class dedication to our clients.

High quality products, services, assistance and support standards are the norm at Ainó. We do not innovate. We make things better: we are prepared, talented and competent professionals; we are here to grow and become better professionals and humans, together. By investing in Ainó, you are becoming profitable from day one, even if you are investing a small budget or you have massive competition (online or offline).

We are your special tool, designed by top professionals for you. Ainó is value for your people, colleagues, clients; value for your technology and for your personal excellence. And we are here to make a difference. Always.

Our Services

For Your Business, Students and People

Education & Solutions for your people, colleagues and clients.

  • Communications for Web, Sales, Social Media, Relationships.
  • Branding Services and Consulting for Business and Professionals (logo design and content curation, social media communications and content curation, stamp, catalog, brochures, flyers and business cards design)
  • Illustration, Design, Visual Installations and Origami Decorations for events and conferences, Photo Books and Services, Photoretouch.
  • Computer Science Lessons and Courses.
  • Design, User Experience, Information Architecture, Customer Satisfaction and Experience Improvement (CXD), Sound Engineering Courses.

For Your Technology

Education & Solutions for your Technology.

  • Consulting and Feasibility Testing for Editorial, digital (pervasive and omnichannel) and physical projects.
  • Prototyping, Interface Design, usability and UX Testing, Data Entry and Bug Reporting for software, web apps, ecommerce systems, apps and websites, landing and opt-in pages.
  • Solutions for Hosting, Networking, Security: setup, maintenance, optimization (WPO), performance monitoring and antispam, backup, firewall, router and switch systems management; for home, enterprise and professionals.
  • Fully customised and high privacy classroom and conference platforms and systems for business and remote working.
  • Training for Open Source CMSs

For Your Personal Excellence

Education & Solutions for your Personal Excellence

  • Change Management, Facilitation and continuous improvement for business, managers, freelancers and Teams.
  • Project Management for Freelancers
  • Lifestyle Design and Leadership Courses
  • Time Management and Optimization
  • Productivity Consulting

Our Approach

Our respect and consideration for the human side of business make us unique. We deeply value talent, efficiency, competence. A healthy craving for personal development and growth are required to get up and running with us. If you are a professional or a company, collaborating with or investing in Ainó means investing in your strenghts, building competences and acquiring hard and soft skills which will let you make a difference in your field.

In order to design, create and build always better products, services and businesses, we adopt lean methodologies (agile development process, codesign, rapid prototyping) and a user centered approach (UCD and Mobile First approach to design).